Compelled to blog

Hello.  Nearly three years ago I started a technology service organization called Rainmaker Group ( with a simple mission….help organizations better use the data they have in their computer systems to drive business success.  To accomplish this objective I designed and am currently seeking a patent on a software application for retailers to send point of sale and inventory data to their vendors.  This data sharing process has been growing in popularity in the last ten years as organizations like VICS, AMR Research, Harvard Business Review, and many others have been educating retailers and vendors on the benefits of close collaboration.  As I have traveled and met with various retail executives I had been disappointed by how little collaboration is actually occurring.

So I have felt compelled to setup my own little area in the blogosphere to educate, excite, and hopefully encourage retailers and their vendors to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.  Stay tuned… I plan to chronicle the successes of as many organizations as I can.  I hope many of you will contribute so together we can all drive more collaborative success.


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