Rainmaker Group Forms Strategic Alliance

Rainmaker Group, Blacks Retail Analysis Announce Strategic Alliance To Provide Clients with Expert Merchandising & Forecasting Services

AKRON, OH & SAN FRANCISCO, CA, OCT. 24, 2006 – The Rainmaker Group, creators of the Accelerated Analytics inventory management service, is pleased to announced a strategic alliance with consulting firm Blacks Retail Analysis, offering clients expert advice on merchandising and forecasting.

Under the partnership, customers using the Accelerated Analytics service to share and analyze sales and inventory data will be offered valuable insight from Black’s retail consultants on how to increase sales and improve margins through smart category management.

“I’m very pleased to form this strategic alliance with Blacks because it further extends the value of Accelerated Analytics service by adding guided analytics and expert merchandising recommendations onto our existing data and reporting tools,” said Rainmaker President & CEO Chad Symens.

By leveraging Black’s years of retail experience, the alliance will also help vendors better understand the needs of thier retail customers.

“Blacks is excited about this opportunity to expand our range of services and improve the level of understanding between vendors and retailers using the Accelerated’s service,” said Blacks Senior Consultant Steve Pruitt.

For more information on the partnership between Accelerated Analytics and Blacks Retail Analysis contact:

Scott Garber Marketing Coordinator Rainmaker Group

330-375-1222 www.AcceleratedAnalytics.com


Scarlet Pruitt Consultant Blacks Retail Analysis

831-521-4203 www.BlacksRetailAnalysis.com


About Rainmaker Group

The Rainmaker Group is a data warehouse and software engineering firm that created the Accelerated Analytics service to provide POS information services to vendors and retailers.  The Accelerated Analytics service improves supply chain visibility by providing an easy solution for sharing and analyzing sales and inventory data without any of the technical headaches.

About Blacks Retail Analysis

Blacks Retail Analysis provides professional retail information and consulting services.  Our industry analysts draw on years of experience to help clients manage change and keep on cutting edge of market trends.


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