The EDI 852 Dilema

In the past week the Accelerated Analytics team has been contacted by 6 vendors looking for a solution to their EDI 852 data analysis problem.  Simply put their retail customers are sending weekly sales and invenotory data but they are challenged on how to translate the data and turn it into smart business decisions.  If you are reading this post and nodding your head you’re in good company.  These vendors range from small to very large and they all have the same issues.

Don’t allow the challenges to divert  your attention away from this important data.  If you seek out a tool that can reduce the dirty data work the business value will be significant.   Focus on what business questions you need answered.  A good place to start is to identify what minimum on-hand you need at each store to ensure your desired sell-thru is met.  Then create simple reports that draw out the problem stores and focus your attention on working with the buyers to make sure inventory is manged properly.


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