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EDI 852 Reporting

February 27, 2007

The Accelerated Analytics team recently posted information on our web site for using EDI 852 data from the following retailers:


Handling On-hand inventory

February 27, 2007

While EDI 852 is setup to report on-hand inventory quantities many vendors come to realize the quality of the data reported can be suspect at best.  In this case there are strategies to handle the missing or poor quality data.  One such strategy is to use the shipping quantity and the subtract reported EDI 852 product sales to arrive at a ‘calculated on-hand.’  This method has some limitations but over time this can become an effective decision making tool.  Our Accelerated Analytics service provides the vendor with a simple and effective means to accomplish this data matching.  By incorporating purchase order and shipping data we are able to synthesize the on-hand value.

Don’t allow the on-hand to become a barrier to using the EDI 852 data. Reporting and tracking sales alone is valueable, and the on-hand issues can be dealt with by using simple business rules.

Making the most of POS data analysis

February 7, 2007

The Accelerated Analytics team is hosting an event in New York City on Feb 21.   If you are responsible for using POS data from your retail customers this is a must attend event.

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