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New blog location

March 8, 2007

Our blog has moved… please following this link to view our new blog.  On our new blog page you can subscribe using RSS or XML.


Supply Chain Metrics

March 2, 2007

We recently found this website which includes allot of very good information on calculation various supply chain metrics including:

  • Back-order reporting
  • Cycle-time
  • DPMO
  • Fill rate
  • Inventory turns
  • On time shipping
  • Perfect order
  • Performance to promise

Turn POS data into profits

March 2, 2007

Daily and weekly sales activity data reported by retailers to vendors via EDI 852, a portal, or some other format can literally be as good as gold… if you have the ability to quickly analyze the data without consuming all your staffs time.  If you want to see a live demonstration and case study of vendors using store and item (UPC) level analysis then register to attend this webcast.

Webcast details

Webcast registration