Home Depot EDI 852 Reporting

If you are a Home Depot vendor you are eligible to receive product sales activity and inventory data via EDI 852 from Home Depot.

The Home Depot EDI 852 document will contain SKU/UPC level units sold, units on hand, and dollars sold for every store where your products are sold. The files are sent one time per week summarizing the prior week’s activity.

What can you do with EDI 852 from Home Depot?

· Analyze SKU/store level sales

· Analyze SKU/store level on hand

· Analyze average unit selling price by SKU/store

· Analyze plan-o-gram compliance by verifying on hand and selling at planned stores

· Identify out of stock stores, and even forecast demand based on prior sales

· Group stores into A, B, C categories based on SKU level sales volume.

Home Depot merchandisers expect vendors to receive and use EDI 852 data to analyze and manage their SKU activity. If you are not already using the data, of if you are not using as well as you could be then you are missing sales opportunities. Don’t wait for your merchandiser to call you and ask a question you can’t address – start working with the data today.

Learn more about what your organization can do with Home Depot EDI 852 click here


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